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April 2010

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April to September Schedule

Apr.5Business meeting, show & tell, door prizes, carving. New officers assume duties.
 19Program: How I Started Carving Fish with Bob McVety.
May3Business meeting, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 17Program: Keeping Your Tools Sharp with the instructors.
 31No meeting - Memorial Day.
June7Business meeting, show & tell door prizes, carving.
 21No meeting - Senior Center closed.
July5No meeting - summer schedule.
 12Business meeting, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 19No meeting - summer schedule.
Aug.2No meeting - summer schedule.
 9Business meeting, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 16No meeting - summer schedule.
Sept.6No meeting - Labor Day.
 13Business meeting, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 20Carving of the Month or Program.

Election Results

President: Lynn Francis
Vice President: Robert Christian
Secretary: Adelle Grosskopf
Treasurer: Irvin Jahns

Please volunteer to participate in club events when we do demonstrations in the community. Help make us visible

Program Notes

April 19 Program: Bob McVety will talk about how he got started carving fish, share some of his work, and talk about what he learned in the process.

May 17 Program: Keeping Your Tools Sharp. The instructors will teach hands-on mini-sessions on using the buffing-Wheel, using stones, and using sandpaper. Having knowledge and experience in all three techniques will help you keep your tools sharp and honed.

Summer Schedule: During the summer months we generally meet every other week to accommodate people's travel schedules and to give us a change of pace. Consult your newsletter schedule weekly to see when we meet. The regular schedule resumes the Monday after Labor Day.

Special Notice

from President Lynn Francis

A vote on the 2011 Weekend Workshop leader will be taken at our next meeting, April 19. Robert contacted Ross Oar and Gary Falin. Both are willing to come and teach whatever we want. Robert will have more detals regarding, costs, workshop length, etc. at the meeting. Your input on this decision is important, so plan to attend.

Florida Wood Carvers Roundup

Capital City Carvers was represented at the 2010 Florida Roundup by participants Robert Christian, Tana Grattet, Ned Magargee, Jill Mercer, Harold Lewis, Jerry Watson, guest member Donnie Lewis, and instructor Barbara Mann. The Roundup was a great success in its new location at Bahr's Mobile Home Park in Zyphyrhills. We had plenty of outside space and a large indoor hall for merchants, classes, and food service.

The attendees will be bringing their finished projects to show and tell in the future. Be sure to ask them about their experiences with Roundup classes and instructors.

The 2011 Roundup has been scheduled in the same place at the same time next year — March 23 through March 26, 2011. Plan to attend for expanding your wood carving horizons.

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