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January 2011

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January to April Schedule

Jan3No meeting.
 10Business mtg., show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 13Wood Sale: Jim Hart from Wisconsin. Basswood and more.
 17No meeting-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
 29Saturday workshop at Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science. Barbara Mann. Fee to Museum.
Feb7Business mtg., show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 19-20Weekend Workshop with Ross Oar.
 21Carving of the Month: Ornament with B. Mann.
Mar7Business mtg., show & tell, door prizes, carving.
Election of new officers.
 21Carving of the Month: Ornament with R. Christian.
 23-26Florida Woodcarvers Roundup, Zyphyrhills.
Apr4Business mtg., show & tell door prizes, carving. New officers assume duties.
 18Program: Sharpening Tools - instructors.

Election of New Officers

Each March brings us to the election of new officers to lead and plan programs for the club. In accordance with our By-Laws, Lynn, the current president, will appoint a nominating committee to select a slate. The actual election will occur at the March 7 business meeting. The new officers will assume their duties at the April 4 business meeting. Please give serious consideration to serving when asked. It takes thoughtful and commited rnemers to keep a club active and learning.

Also, dues ($25) are due at the March 7 meeting. Irv will take cash or checks.

Weekend Workshop
with Ross Oar

On Feb. 19 & 20 we have the wonderful opportunity to learn some new carvings with guest Instructor Ross Oar. Ross is an excellent caricature carver and instructor. He has authored these books on carving: Folk & Figure-Wooacarving, Carving Wooden Santas, Elves & Gnomes, and Carving Wooden Finger Puppets and Cane Toppers.

Ross teaches woodcarving in many places, including the Lake Placid Carving Experience in September, roundups and "carve alongs." Ross does not have a website, but Google him at Ross Oar and you will get lots of information, photos, and events for which he is scheduled in 2011. Ross's background includes some impressive commissions, such as one for the White House and several others for dignitaries.

We will work with Ross's roughouts (your choice) which are purchased separately from him. Cost for workshop instruction - $100. Sign-up is required and will begin on Jan. 10. Payment due by Feb. 14. The workshop is Saturday & Sunday from 9 to 5 at Lewis Digital, 630 Capital Circle NE.

This is a great opportunity to learn new carving skills from a nationally known carver and instructor. Plan to attend.

Program Notes

Jan. 13. Wood Sale. Jim Hart will be here with Wisconsin basswood, butternut, walking sticks, bark-on-edge slabs, etc. From 3 to 6 p.m. outdoors at Lewis Digital. Checks or cash.

Jan. 29. Workshop at Tallahassee Museum: Barbara Mann will teach a loggerhead sea turtle. This workshop (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) is sponsored by the Museum. Reservations and fees must be made with the Museum — $28 for Museum members, $30 for non-members cutout included. Call 575-8684, ext. 136.

Feb. 21 and March 21. New Carvings: New ornaments with Barbara and Robert. Barbara is preparing 8 new ornaments for 2011 and will teach one the club chooses.

Apr. 18: Program: The instructors will lead hands on learning on sharpening tools by different means: buffing wheel, stones, and sandpaper.

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