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September 2011

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September to January Schedule

Sept.5No meeting—Labor Day.
 8–9Demo at Active Living Expo, Senior Center.
  12Business mtg., show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 19Carving of the Month: Boots with Robert Christian.
 26Program: Sharpening Tools - instructors.
Oct.3Business mtg., show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 17Program: Habitat with Adelle Grosskopf.
 24Program: King Arthur Tools.
Nov5Demo at Fall Farm Day - Museum
 7Business mtg., show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 19Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Workshop: Goldfinch with Barbara Mann. Sign up with Museum.
 21Carving of the Month: Christmas Ornament with Barbara Mann.
Dec.5Business mtg., show & tell door prizes, carving.
 19Holiday Party. Carving.
 26No meeting.
Jan.2No meeting.
 9Business mtg., show & tell door prizes, carving.
 23Carving of the Month: TBA.


The programs and carvings are self-explanatory. Order from several styles of boot cutouts in advance with Robert. Maverick Jaillet from King Arthur Tools will show us several new tools in their offerings and talk about their studio and class offerings. Put the Farm Fall Day on your calendar — it's one of our fun events of the year. The goldfinch workshop is sponsored by the Museum and you must contact them at 575-8684, ext. 136 to register; $28 members, $30 non-members.

North Florida Fair

The North Florida Fair is November 3-13. There is a fine arts division that has a category for our wood carvings. Choose 1 or 2 of your carvings completed in the last 2 years and enter them in the competition. They award ribbons and cash prizes in separate competitions for amateurs and professionals, so just by entering you stand a good chance for a ribbon.

For information, go to Click on Exhibitor Handbook. Scroll down to Dept. 610, Open Fine Arts & Crafts and click. We're included in Class 6 - Sculpture. Then scroll on down to the bottom of the page and download and print the entry form. There is no cost for entering. The carvings must be delivered on Oct. 28 or 29 to Fairgrounds Building #2.

This is a great way to give visibility to our carvings so think seriously about entering. Barbara has a volunteer information sheet if you would like to volunteer to work at the fair.

The Joy of Carving

Would that I had a piece of wood
I could bring reality to fantasy;
Carving away the cares of this world,
And quiet my anxious soul.

Chips and dust - dust and chips
Would scatter everywhere
As, lost in reverie, I continue my quest
To find that thought hidden within the wood.

When at last the figure takes hold
And the story begins to appear,
I would find the satisfaction of a job well done.
I'd smile and select another piece of wood.

Lance G. Peterson

The Voice of Brevity

I should ... work with wood.

Jim DeLong

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