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September 2014

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September to January Schedule

Sept.    1Labor Day. No meeting.
 8Business mtg, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 15Ornament of the Month: Ornament-size whimsical houses in cottonwood bark with Barbara.
 22No meeting. L3X programs.
 29Carving. Carvings on display in Senior Center returned.
Oct.    6Business mtg, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 20Ornament of the Month: TBA - Robert.
Nov.    1Farm Fall Day, Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science. Display and demonstration.
 3Business mtg, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 17Ornament of the Month: Bird House ornament with Adelle.
Dec.    1Business mtg, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 15Holiday Party.Carving.
 22No meeting - Senior Center closed.
 29No meeting - Senior Center closed.
Jan.    5Business mtg, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 19No meeting - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Feb. 3-6: Florida Woodcarvers Roundup 2015 Clearwater, FL.

2015 Winter Workshop will be discussed at the Sept. 8th meeting.

Program Notes

Sept. 15. Carve a whimsical house as an ornament in a small piece of cottonwood bark with Barbara. Two inch (or so) pieces of bark for $2 or less.

Oct. 6. Robert will have an interesting ornament.

Nov. 1. Fall Farm Day at the Tallahassee Museum, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Volunteers needed for whole day or part of day. This is a display and demonstration and a lot of fun. We will be using our new flag.

Nov. 17. Carve a bird house as an ornament with Adelle.

Dec. 15. Annual Holiday Party. Food and drink to be organized at the Dec. 1st meeting.

Fair Time!

Pensacola Interstate Fair, Oct. 16 to 26, 2014.

Capital City Carvers have been invited to enter our carvings. One club member will take all our entries to Pensacola on Oct. 14 and another member will pick them up on Oct. 26. Nineteen categories; limit of three carvings per person per category. The judge for the competition is Steve Brown. Display in Bldg. 2. Go to Click on Fair Premium Catalog, In the General listing go to Woodcarving Exhibition for info and rules. Barbara has copies of the entry form.

North Florida State Fair, Nov. 6 to 16,2014.

Right here in Tallahassee. Entries due Oct. 31 or Nov. 1. Pick up on Nov 17. Go to On left side of page click on exhibitors then on departments. Click on Dept. 610-Open Fine Arts & Crafts Show for all info. Wood carving under Class 6- Sculpture. Limit of two entries. General entry form link at bottom of Departments page under Exhibitor page.

There are no entry fees for either fair, but a number of ribbons and cash prizes are available. Entering the fairs gives our work visibility and spurs interest in carving.

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