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January 2017

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January to September Schedule

Jan.    2No meeting. Holiday break.
 9Business mtg, show & tell, door prizes, carving. Sign-up for Weekend Workshop.
 16No meeting. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Senior Center closed.
 23Ornament of the Month: Blue Jay. Barbara Mann.
 30Carving. Finish blue jay.
Feb.    6Business mtg, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 20Program: Orchid Davis. Workshop preview.
Mar.4-5Weekend Workshop: Woodburning with Orchid Davis.
 6Business mtg, election of officers, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 20Ornament of the Month: Christmas wreath & bow. Lance Peterson.
 27Finish ornament. Carving.
April    3Business mtg, new officers, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 17Carving of the Month: Wood spirit face in a children's pencil. Barbara Mann.
 24Finish pencil. Carving.

2016 Show & Tell Winners

At the Dec. 16th meeting these members who showed carvings were drawn as winners:

$50 — Irv Jahns - chip carved egg ornaments
$25 — Robert Christian - Happy Fisherman
$15 — Mike Crowley - French tasting spoon

Display your finished carvings each month!

Program Notes

Jan, 23 - Carve a blue jay Christmas ornament with Barbara. After the first cutout, each cutout is $2.50. Eyes ($1 a pair) are optional. An alligator clip (50 cents) is also optional as an alternative to hanging the ornament.

Feb. 20 - Program. Our guest weekend workshop instructor, Orchid Davis, will be with us for a "show & tell" of possible projects.

March 20 - Carve a Christmas wreath with a big bow ornament with Lance. After the first cutout, each cutout is $2.50.

April 17 - Carve a wood spirit face in a large children's pencil with Barbara. After the first pencil, each pencil is 50 cents. Smaller tools make the carving a little easier, particularly a 1.5 or 2 mm V-tool and a detail knife.

Weekend Workshop

Orchid Davis, noted woodburning instructor, book author and gourd carver will be here for a weekend workshop March 4-5 on woodburning.. She will also be here on February 20 to do a "show & tell" on what can be done in the workshop. In the past we have burned plaques, all kinds of boxes, and even animals. We will have a selection of past projects from Orchid's workshops for you to view at the Jan. 9th meeting.

The cost of the workshop is $100 for the instructor's fee paid in advance to the club (which gives the instructor one check for all students). You pay Orchid directly for any materials used in the workshop. The plaques and boxes can cost up to $20 each. Workshop hours are generally 9 to 5 on Saturday and 9 to
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