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April 2017

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April To September

Apr.17Carving of the Month; Wood spirit face on children's pencil with Barbara.
May1Business mtg, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 15Program: Sharpening with club instructors.
 29No Meeting - Memorial Day
June5Business mtg, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 12No meeting-summer schedule.
 26No meeting - Senior Center closed for maintenance.
July3No meeting - Independence Day
 10Business mtg, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 17No meeting - summer schedule.
 31No meeting - summer schedule.
Aug.7Business mtg, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 14No meeting - summer schedule
Sept.4No meeting - Labor Day
 11No meeting - L3X week
 18Business mtg, show & tell, door prizes, carving.
 25Carving, or Program. TBA.

New Officers

President - Mike Crowley
Vice President - Roland Richa
Secretary/Treasurer - Adelle Grosskopf

Thanks to Jim DeLong who served as treasurer for many years. Visit us when back in TLH!

Program Notes

Apr. 17. Carve a wood spirit on a large children's pencil with Barbara. Can be done with your carving knife. A detail knife and a small V-tool (1.5 or 3 mm) would be helpful. Barbara will have V-tools for sale for $10.25 each. Pencils are 50 cents each.knife.

May 15. Program - sharpening your knives with the 4 club instructors. We will work in small groups with an instructor for individualized instruction. Bring your knives and strops. Barbara will have sandpaper strops for sale for $6 each.

Terms We Use in Woodcarving

Newcomers have noticed members throwing around wood carving terms. Here are some with definitions. The 3 basic wood carving cuts are pull cut, push cut, and stop cut. Master them. We mostly carve cutouts, sometimes called blanks, done with a band saw. Roughouts are much more detailed blanks produced by a duplicating machine using routers. Often used by caricature carvers. A go-by is a carved example of whatever it is you are carving. If you carve from cutouts, you need to remove extra wood—a process called "hoggin' off wood" before rounding and doing details. Then you can block out the major features of the carving, setting it up to be rounded. Rounding is more than just taking off the corners—you have to see and feel the roundness. After body parts and features are round, then it's appropriate to add detail such eyes, mouth, beards, clothing, etc. Then be sure to strop your knife, which put a sharp edge back on. Stropping is the process of honing the blade to prepare it for a final polishing with compound.

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