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Septemer 2018

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September To January

Sept    3No Carving Labor Day
 10Business Meeting, show & tell, carving
 24Carving Program - sharpening
Oct    1Business Meeting, show & tell, carving
 22Carving Program - Ornament
Nov    5Business Meeting, show & tell, carving
 12No meeting Veteran's Day
 19Carving Program - TBA
Dec    3Business Meeting, show & tell, carving
 17Holiday Party
 24No Carving
 31No Carving
Jan    7Business Meeting, show & tell
 21Carving Program-TBA

Program Notes

Sep 24 - Sharpening your carving tools
Oct 22 - Ornament by Adelle
Nov 19 - Program TBA
Dec 17 - Holiday Party

Carving Safety

Gloves - The Club has a selection of glove sizes for all members and should be used when carving. Do not use the traditional glove when using a rotary tool as the bur can get caught in the fabric.

Dust mask- wood dust can have the same effect on the lungs as asbestos. Use a mask when cutting out a pattern or sanding.

Hearing- use protection when using power tools and/or dust collectors.

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