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January 2020

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January To May

Jan    6Business Meeting, show & tell, Carving
 13Carving, Pen Turning Program
 20No Carving, Senior Center closed
Feb    3Business Meeting, show & tell, Carving
 24Carving Program, Robert- Face in a Pumpkin
Mar    2Business mtg, show & tell, carving, Election of Officers
 16Carving Program, Catch up Day
 23Carving Program- Adelle- Pine Tree
Apr    6Business Meeting, show & tell
 20Carving- Catch up Day
May    4Business Meeting, show & tell, Carving
 25No Carving, Memorial Day

Program Notes

March 2 we will be electing officers for the 2020-2021 year. Our current President will appoint a nomination committee to select the slate of officers.

We are working on having a March, 3-day workshop. Robert is working on the details. Cost is $150.

2019 was the 25th anniversary of the founding of Capital City Carvers. Barbara Mann and Jack Rutledge moved us from an idea to reality. Let us continue to keep the art and craft of woodcarving alive and well.

We are adding two "Catch-up" days for you to bring in carvings that are in need of completion. Ornament programs are a face in a pumpkin by Robert and a fir tree by Adelle.

Column 2

February 12-14 Northport, FL Woodcarvers Roundup: Trinity United Methodist Church, 4285 Wesley Ln. Jim O'Dea, (941) 697-2002

February 17-20 Zephyrhills, FL. Florida Woodcarvers Roundup at Hatfield's Family Restaurant, 4024 Paul S Buchman Hwy. Jim O'Dea, (941) 697-2002;

Ever wonder where door prizes come from? They are donated by members like you!

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