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April 2020

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June To September Schedule
May    4Business Meeting, show & tell
 25No Carving, Memorial Day Senior Center closed
June    1Business Meeting, show & tell, Carving
 8No Carving
 22No Carving, Maintenance Week
July    6No Carving
 13Business Meeting, show & tell
 20No Carving
Aug    3No carving
 10Business Meeting, show & tell
 17No Carving
 31No Carving
Sept    7No Carving, Labor Day, SC closed
 14Business Meeting, show & tell

Program Notes

New officers were elected in March and began their service April 1. The new officers are:

President — Mike Crowley
VP — Mark Dominy
Sec/Treasurer — Adelle Grosskopf

We thank Robert Christian for his service as vice president this past year. As always, if you have an idea for a carving project, program or visiting carver workshop, please let any of the officers know. We want to present activities that our members are interested in participating.

Cottonwood Bark workshop

A big thank you to our workshop instructor, Allen Carmichael for presenting a fun-filled and educational presentation. Chips flew for two and, almost, a half days. Everyone put on their creativity hats and produced a wide variety of bark houses. Hopefully the workshop widened folks' perspective on carving. I plan to continue carving the little houses.

Please be advised that the schedule is dependent on the Senior Center being open. As of April 1, the Center is scheduled to reopen April 13. With the new stay in place order, it may open later. I will keep you informed as to when we might resume our meetings.

Ever wonder where door prizes come from? They are donated by members like you!

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