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April 2022

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July 15-17,2022, Southeastern Woodcarving School, Wetumpka, AL.

Oct 17-21, 2022, Renegade Roundup, Lebanon TN. for more information and to download the registration form. Faculty include Gary Falin, Kevin Applegate, Dwayne Gosnell, Ron Dowdy, and Marvin Daniels.

Several of us participated in a workshop with Roger Stegall in February. All benefited from his excellent instruction. There were many rough-outs to choose from. All completed their carvings, one completed several (Robert). We did not paint the carvings but received instruction on Roger's method on sealing and painting. It is always beneficial to learn different ways to complete our carvings. You never know when a certain method might come in handy. Thanks to Roger and his wife Kathy for traveling all the way from Missouri to give us a delightful weekend of carving.

As with everything nowadays, it is suggested that you check to see if the programs are still on the calendar. Those of you receiving Chip Chats or Woodcarving Illustrated will have access to other shows and carving opportunities. The latest issues have some workshops listed that are already cancelled, some are not. Please check before making plans.

If you do not receive Chip Chats, you may want to consider becoming a member of the National Wood Carvers Association. Dues are $20/year. The magazine comes bi-monthly (although in the time of Covid, it is quarterly). Send your name, address, and dues to:

National Wood Carvers Association
P.O. Box 43218
Cincinnati, Ohio 45243
We have been listed on the Chip Chats web site. To access the site, go to They have updated their website and include listings for shows and events. You can even join the organization on the site. NWCA has sent forms to us to give to members that wish to join. Adelle would be happy to get one to you if you request it.

Selections from the Carver's Book of Proverbs, Dr. John B. Davidson, The Mallet/March 1988.
  1. The haste to finish a work inevitably brings future regrets.
  2. A sharp knife and a good friend are the Siamese twins of a carver's workshop.
  3. A rainy day and a good piece of wood seem to have a common Providential source.
  4. If you love to whittle, even the worst day should not be too bad for a few chips.
  5. Experience teaches one to choose his pattern with discretion.
  6. Count no time wasted which you spend carving. It reconstructs something inside you which duty has burned out.
  7. Train your eye to see that which remains, not that which is to be disposed.
  8. Wood can't talk, but its communication is loud and continuous.
  9. Successful carving is not only victories achieved; it is more often difficulties overcome.
  10. "Kill a little time." It won't injure eternity.

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