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January 2023

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January 2023 To May 2023

Jan    2New Year's Day holiday observed, Senior Center closed
 9Business Meeting, show & tell, carving
 16No Carving, MLK Day , SC closed
Feb    6Business Meeting, show & tell, Carving
Mar    6Business Meeting, show & tell, carving, Election of new officers
Apr    3Business meeting, show & tell, carving
May    1Business meeting, show & tell, carving
 29No Carving, Memorial Day

Program Notes

March 6 brings the election of new officers. The current president usually appoints a committee to secure a slate of candidates for the following positions, President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. The Vice president is responsible for programs, speakers, and guest carvers. The Secretary/Treasurer takes the minutes of the business meetings and keeps the financial records of the club. The President wrangles us all. The new officers will take over at the April business meeting.

We are still accepting photos of your recent carvings. You may photograph carvings separately or in small groups. Small carvings should be photographed in groups. All pictures must have a solid color background and base similar to what we do at the Senior Center. Pictures must be sent to Mike Crowley via email: Please include your name and phone number. Submit photos by the 15th of each month.

We had several winning carvers at the Pensacola Fair. They are: Robert Christian, Alan Teskey, Mike Crowley, and Lance Peterson. Their ribbon displays are really expanding. Consider entering a carving or two in next year's fair. They seem to like what we enter and appreciate our participation.

Ever wonder where door prizes come from? They are donated by you, the members!

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