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April 2023

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May To Sept

May    1Business meeting, show & tell
 29Memorial Day Senior Center Closed
June    5Business Meeting, show & tell
 12No Carving
 26No Carving, Maintenance Week, SC closed
July    3No carving, SC closed for July 4 holiday
 17No Carving
 31No Carving
Aug    7Business meeting, show & tell, carving
 14No Carving
 28No Carving
Sept.    4No carving, Labor Day, SC closed
 11Business meeting, show & tell, Carving

Program Notes

March brought the election of new officers. The new President Is Mark Dominy. The Vice President is Roland Richa. The Secretary/Treasurer is Adelle Grosskopf. The new officers took their positions at the April business meeting. To request programs, whether it is a Monday carving program or a weekend carving workshop, contact the vice president as he is responsible for program planning and scheduling.

We are still accepting photos of your recent carvings. You may photograph carvings separately or in small groups. Small carvings should be photographed in groups. All pictures must have a solid color background and base similar to what we do at the Senior Center. Pictures must be sent to Mike Crowley via email: Please include your name and phone number. Submit photos by the 15th of each month.

A big THANK YOU goes out to the previous club officers, especially Mike Crowley who had served as club president for several years. The jobs differ but all have to work together to help make the club work. We are thankful that there are those willing to fill those jobs.


Ever wonder where door prizes come from? They are donated by members like you!

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