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January 2022

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January 2022 To May 2022

Jan    3Business Mtg, show & tell, Carving
 17No Carving MLK Day, SC closed
Feb    7Business Meeting, show & tell, Carving
 28Program TBA Carving
Mar    7Business meeting. show & tell, Carving
 21Program TBA, Carving
Apr    4Business Meeting, show & tell, carving
May    2Business meeting, show & tell, carving
 30Memorial Day, SC Closed

Program Notes

We are happy to have our original meeting time of 7pm reinstated. Staffing of the Senior Center has been increased and programs are allowed to go to later times. I am sure it will be of benefit to most of our members. I, for one, will appreciate having an earlier dinner time and some members will get a dinner time.

We have been on hiatus for dues for a year. There is not an issue with this as we have enough money in the account for any financial things that come up. So, now that we are meeting again, we will collect dues starting at the April 4 business meeting. As a reminder, yearly dues are $25 for one person. Family members are $20 in addition. There will be new forms to fill out just in case there are any changes in your information. We have added a few new members during the time of Covid who we are happy to welcome.

We are still accepting photos of your recent carvings. You may photograph carvings separately or in small groups. Small carvings should be photographed in groups. All pictures must have a solid color background and base similar to what we do at the Senior Center. Pictures must be sent to Mike Crowley via email: Please include your name and phone number. Submit photos by the 15th of each month.

Ever wonder where door prizes come from? They are donated by you, the members!

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